Sploosh is a small visual agency spearheaded by photographer Kasper Nybo of Kasper Nybo Photography. We create fantastic visuals of people with passion and places with character. The streets are the vantage point from which we develop stories and characters with realism, edge and intensity. Our work is geared towards editorial use, visual features, fashion magazines, lifestyle magazines and commercial campaigns.

In the realisation of visual concepts and images we draw on talents from many fields, if you like what you see and think you should be involved send us a message and tell us what you do.


If you’d like Sploosh to shoot for you – get in touch right here and let’s talk about doing great things together!


With joy!





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Kasper Nybo.
Kasper is the founder and principal photographer of Kasper Nybo Photography, he works in the no-man’s land between narrative observation and visual storytelling, capturing authenticity and creating no-nonsense visual communication. He’s a strong believer in the power of originality and honest stories across his line of work in editorial, commercial, artistic and humanitarian photography.